Infusing wellness into your daily routine can affect productivity and performance in both your work and personal life. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we have had our fair share of trying to find the perfect work and personal life balance. Through plenty of failed attempts and overworked film shoots and events, our team has learned that making our personal health and wellness the priority everything else seems to fall into place.

While true health is personalized to each individual, we believe there are a few core values that can make all the difference when you incorporate them into your lifestyle to start your path to a healthy life. Here are a handful of wellness apps we love  and have helped us live well.



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Calm is our favorite app for sleep, meditation and relaxation. With calming sounds and soothing voices, this is our go-to app for getting better sleep, lessening anxiety and lowering stress. After a long, stress filled day, I love to take a hot bath, put on a robe, tune into the Calm app and meditate. It feels so good for the wandering mind and soul. The best part about this app is that it puts everything in one place: guidance, sounds, music, and reading.


SleepMachine is an app that uses customizable white noise and ambient sounds to help you fall into a sound sleep. It’s perfect for the restless and ongoing mind.  This app uses sounds to assist with restful sleep, relaxation and stress relief.

This app can also create the ultimate meditation and yoga experience.


Headspace is a meditation app with a series of ongoing journey sessions. You can commit to one type of meditation, say…focusing on Letting Go of Stress and through the different levels in the series that makes you feel like you’re in it for the long run and you’ve really achieved something. If you’re a visual learner, the app also has fun animated videos at the beginning of each meditation series too.


Staying active is about more than being fit; it’s about lowering depression and anxiety, improving memory, getting better sleep and overall boosting your mood. The benefits physical fitness wellness apps can provide are endless, and here’s three of our favorite workout apps that you can do right in your living room.

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OpenFit is a workout and meal plan app that makes exercising and healthy eating simple and convenient. One of the things we love most about this app are the interactive live workout sessions. These sessions are led by real personal trainers who help you reach your personal goal and stay motivated. This app is very structured and is very effective in keeping you on track.

7 Minute Workout

The 7 `Minute Workout app allows you to create your own personalized workout plan and choose how often/what time you want to work out. This app will set a reminder on your phone and just like the name, each workout is only 7 minutes long.


This is another at home workout app that we have really enjoyed using. It’s a personalized workout app that customizes your routines for your condition and workout style. Do you prefer running? Using barbells and weights? Using body weight?

With this app, you get to choose workouts that are perfect for YOU and your body.

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If you’re a boss babe who wants to know any and everything about tracking your monthly cycle, MyFlow is for you. Not only does it track things like ovulation and periods, they use this information to give you daily health insights and tell you when/how you perform best during your cycle.

The female body is amazing, and this app will help you take full advantage of your cycle from personal health and at home life to how to focus on your strengths each week in your job and business.


The opportunity to let your thoughts or worries pour onto the page can be transformative and therapeutic. Journey gives you the perfect digital space for journaling with an uplifting spirit. If you’re in the airport or a long car ride or even at home and feel the urge to write, this is the perfect app to do so.

You can make your entries fun and unique by adding links and pictures, geo-tag locations and even chart your mood for the day. The app takes journaling to a whole new level and has become a part of our everyday routines.

Happiness Planner

The Happiness Planner app is an app that uses a digital planner to help you master productivity, happiness and success. It is organized and easy to use and takes the old school paper everyday planner to a whole new level. You can add photos to events and dates and track your emotions and events linked to those emotions throughout the day.

This is a great app to increase emotional intelligence as well as keeping on track during your busy everyday activities.

Finding little ways in your life to better your personal well being can go a long way. It can improve relationships, your productivity, your creativeness, mood etc.. We love finding wellness apps that easily fit into our busy schedules that let us take a moment to just focus on ourselves. In turn, we produce better work and live better lives. Have a favorite wellness app? Share your favorites with us.