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#3: The Future of Travel with Shannon Stowell

Today, the CEO of Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), Shannon Stowell, is here to talk about the future of travel. While no one knows what’s exactly going to happen in the future, Shannon weighs in with his expert opinion on how COVID-19 will affect the sector, what the future holds, and how companies should proceed. Shannon explains his 1.0 to 4.0 outlook [5:47] and how he believes other entrepreneurs will be affected during this uncertain time. Here at Border Free Media, we have been using this time to get projects done that we kept pushing off (cue our latest video tool we created just for you!) [8:40]. We discuss why we don’t want to go back to normal [10:10] and  how we can use this time to improve the industry [10:16]. Shannon then describes his vision for responsible tourism [10:47]. We dive into what type of content business owners should be delivering to their consumers right now [18:13] and Shannon gives insight about his TED Talk. He gives tips on how to do good for local communities when you travel [22:43]. Lastly, we talk about how to achieve a work-life balance, because that is, after all, what workingWELL is all about. LET’S CONNECT! If this episode helped you, share it with a friend and leave a review. Use the hashtag #workingWellBFM on social to share your entrepreneurial education! Join our newsletter so you don’t miss a business beat! http://bit.ly/bfmnewsletter. And follow us on instagram @BorderFreeMedia on instagram. See you soon! Until then, we’ll be workingWELL. ABOUT WORKING WELL – If you’re an entrepreneur who loves to learn, the workingWell podcast is for you! Hosted by filmmaker and health coach Kristen Kellogg and food and travel expert, Aida Mollenkamp, the duo have over a decade of experience as small business owners and entrepreneurs building and marketing brands in the travel and lifestyle space. Each episode they focus on a different tip or topic they wish they knew at the start of their entrepreneurial journey. Through conversations with industry experts and among themselves, they share a combination of actions to implement their tips as well as a ton of resources to help you level up!