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#13: Building a Brand Around Your Passion with Hilton Carter

Building a career out of your passion is easier said than done. However, if you are looking to turn your side hustle into a lifelong career, you will love today’s episode. Our guest, plant, and interior stylist, Hilton Carter is sharing his journey from formal education as a filmmaker to building a career fueled by his passion–plants! With a 415k following on Instagram, two books, and an Italian Vanity Fair cover (24:20), Hilton Carter has truly turned his love for plants into an extraordinary career.

After years of film school and chasing his dream of creating a feature length film, Hilton realized that he had not had true happiness (6:50). He then decided to enter corporate America at the not so traditional age of 35. In this new position, Hilton would come to discover his true calling (7:20). Fast forward a few years and Hilton makes the conscious decision to begin interior designing as his side hustle – spending nights and weekends focused on his passion for plants (10:54). Hilton shares that when he first began trying to make a living off of his love for plants, the want was to never say no to any opportunity (17:34). He truly believes in chasing what made him happy is how he has become so successful today. 

Centering your life around your passion is imperative to a life of happiness and it’s doable for everyone! Hilton shares his mom’s journey as a correctional officer in order to show that a life of passion does not necessarily stem from your dream career (29:33). There are multiple paths to happiness, yet they are centered around a passion. Stick around as Hilton shares his number one tip for someone who is working towards a life built on passion (33:04). Kristen and Hilton went through an emotional rollercoaster on today’s episode and you are sure to learn something new about your own passion points. We cannot wait to see your new skills bloom. Head over to borderfreemedia.com to join our community! See you next time. LET’S CONNECT! If this episode helped you, share it with a friend and leave a review! Use the hashtag #workingWellBFM on social to share your entrepreneurial education! Join our newsletter so you don’t miss a beat! http://bit.ly/bfmnewsletter. And follow us on Instagram @BorderFreeMedia on Instagram. See you soon! Until then, we’ll be workingWELL. ABOUT WORKING WELL – If you’re an entrepreneur who loves to learn, the workingWell podcast is for you! Hosted by small business owner and filmmaker Kristen Kellogg and entrepreneur food and travel expert, Aida Mollenkamp, who have more than a decade of experience building and marketing brands in the travel and lifestyle space. Each episode they focus on a different tip or topic they wish they knew at the start of their entrepreneurial journey. Through conversations with industry experts and among themselves, they share a combination of actions to implement their tips as well as a ton of resources to help you level up!