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#2: Surviving Business Burnout

Business burnout can be a real bummer! But the sad reality is that, if you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve probably been there before. In today’s episode we identify what business burnout is and provide strategies to prevent it in the future. So what is a burnout [1:46]? Burnout is described as a severe stress condition that leads to exhaustion. This makes day-to-day activities seem almost impossible to accomplish. There are a few specific emotions associated with burnout [2:44]. They include exhaustion, irritability, isolation and escape fantasy. Questions you can ask to pinpoint burnout are [3:15] Do I have an excessive drive? [3:19], Am I self-isolating? [3:32], Do I place blame on others? [3:41], Do I frequently skip self-care? [3:44], and Do I get overwhelmed with extreme anxiety or stress [3:50]? If you answered yes to any of these questions, there are few ways to cope. First, stop drop and detox [4:06] and then concentrate on your “why” or what drives you [4:42]. There are also some day to-day work habits you can adopt to  manage burnout: front load your weekly work [5:59]. Use a time management worksheet [6:35], make an effort to switch tasks [6:55], keep a progress list [7:32], make time for yourself [8:07], and schedule breaks [8:47] and vacations [10:07]. These pointers all come from personal experience. After dealing firsthand with burnout, we have changed our ways. The top tip to keep motivated and from burning out? To make sure your “why” aligns with your business purpose [12:37]. CONTINUING EDUCATION – Take this week to identify your ups and downs to continue workingWELL. Then grab today’s free worksheet at www.borderfreemedia.com/timemanagementworksheet. LET’S CONNECT! If this episode helped you, share it with a friend and leave a review. Use the hashtag #workingWellBFM on social to share your entrepreneurial education! Join our newsletter so you don’t miss a business beat! http://bit.ly/bfmnewsletter. And follow us on instagram @BorderFreeMedia on instagram. See you soon! Until then, we’ll be workingWELL. ABOUT WORKING WELL – If you’re an entrepreneur who loves to learn, the workingWell podcast is for you! Hosted by filmmaker and health coach Kristen Kellogg and food and travel expert, Aida Mollenkamp, the duo have over a decade of experience as small business owners and entrepreneurs building and marketing brands in the travel and lifestyle space. Each episode they focus on a different tip or topic they wish they knew at the start of their entrepreneurial journey. Through conversations with industry experts and among themselves, they share a combination of actions to implement their tips as well as a ton of resources to help you level up!