workingWELL by Border Free Media
workingWELL by Border Free Media
#17 - Shift Your Mindset to Uplevel Your Brand with Jen Diaz

Have you been telling yourself a story that isn’t serving you? Today’s episode is all about how your mindset can alter your life and business for better or for worse.

Podcast guest Jen Diaz shares her positive mindset journey that began when she was a high school athlete [3:15]. Jen discovered the power of mindset work through a thoughtful coach and a winning shot and has created a career centered around empowering women through mindset. 

We all have a “mindset” journey. There’s a point in life where we catch ourselves beating ourselves up and come to some sort of realization that this isn’t good. Doubting your gut can lead to missed opportunities. Kristen shares a personal story [8:19] where she discovered how her mindset was holding her back and how she’s since shifted to move forward in her goals.

There’s a big phenomenon where people are scared to put themselves out there and either don’t follow through with their big idea at all or don’t go all in [12:30]. Jen explains how fear can play a huge role in self sabotage and how you can shift your mindset to cultivate a good relationship with it. Jen also shares how social media today can play a role in a feeling ‘stuck’ mindset [15:30].

Kristen and Jen talk about how we can literally rewire our brains to change the outcomes we experience [19:52]. Jen shares how we have the power to delete and create new neural pathways (AKA shifting our mindset) to feel better- crazy right [21:29]? You can do this by mediation, journaling, breathing exercises etc. It’s closing the gap from where you are to where you want to be. Kristen shares how she has been rewiring of neural pathways through the power of thought to heal her chronic back pain.

Jen shares her “why” [24:16] and how she deals with limiting beliefs. Negative thoughts are part of our existence and it’s how you interpret them that makes or breaks your positive mindset. 

Since creating a positive mindset, Jen has achieved new career heights [29:09]. She is passionate about empowering women and creating a healthy, positive mindset for others.

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