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#16: Innovation to Viral Video with Lindsay McCormick

What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and found out your product or service went viral?

That’s exactly what happened to today’s podcast guest, Lindsay McCormick founder of Bite, zero waste toothpaste tablets. 

Lindsay is an innovator with an earth first mentality. She is all about making an impact and knows that with sustainable goals and a “better for your body” selling point. If you want to really make an impact, you also have to make it fun [6:30]- cue the new Bite flavors. 

Lindsay also talks about her launch of “Floss” [6:56] – another zero waste dental product. She’s basically become a chemist in her kitchen- ironically her worst subject in school. With enough research and drive, you can literally do anything.

Be an outsider and get your information from insiders to view old ideas at an entirely new angle [10:10]. And the amount of times it took Lindsay to get it right? Hundreds or thousands [11:10]. But, like with anything else- hard work pays. To further prove this, Lindsay shares the top 3 lessons she’s taken away since the start of Bite [12:57].

Lindsay is constantly in search of customer feedback to constantly better her brand. Lindsay took valuable tips from her customers to make her brand not only stronger, but more eco-friendly as well [16:36].

Lindsay shares her story of going viral through a video [21:28] with 2 million plus views overnight which turned into hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales – a true testament of the power of a video with a link next to it.

Lindsay discusses greenwashing and what to look out for (yes it is a real problem) [26:04] and why being sustainable isn’t just about jumping onto a trend. Lindsay is incredibly proud to have a company that really does good for the world and is not slowing down anytime soon. She’s fierce and on fire for success.

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