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#14: Your Story is Your Crib Sheet

How good is your elevator pitch? Does it draw people in? Can you say the same thing about your brand story, or is that not on the top of your mind?

If storytelling hasn’t been art the forefront for you, today’s episode will help you change that in order to create a more connected client base ultimately creating more success for the future of your brand.

What can you get out of good storytelling? Your story is your crib sheet.

First, it helps you break through the clutter of all of your competitors. It’s a big world out there, success is found in standing out. 

Also, consumers want to dive deeper and know more about brands before purchasing nowadays- AKA they want to know your story. 

Does storytelling give you anxiety? We have some great resources to help you alleviate this and hone in on exactly who you’re talking to and what your consumer wants so you can tell the best stories for your brand. 

Everyone has a story, but it’s the way your story is told that makes you unique.

Aida and Kristen walk you through some storytelling fails so you can get a grip on what not to do. The first is that being talked about is not always a good thing. Other fails are copycatting another brands’ message, not having a clear story/message or when you’re trying to tell too many stories or talk to too many people.

So. How do you know you have a successful story?

There are 5 things a successful story achieves: it communicates your brands’ unique value, draws in the right kind of potential client, shows brand value consistency, fosters brand advocates, and creates a universe your ideal customer can live in. 

Now it’s time for you to get out there and start telling your stories!

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