Submissions are open!

We are taking applications now in search of our next Marketing/Public Relations Intern.

Please note, the deadline for submission is December 24th, 2020. Official dates for this 5 month internship are January 7th – June 15th.

Are you the next Border Free Media marketing intern? Keep reading to see if this is the perfect internship for you!

Border Free Media a creative agency and online education platform.

We work with destinations and brands all over the globe, many tied to travel. At Border Free Media, we are a content creation agency and education platform using a forward-thinking approach to creative vision. We pride our company on creating a genuine connection between our client and their target audience, cultivating a long lasting relationship between brand and consumer. And above all, we only work with brands and businesses we truly believe in. If you become our next Border Free Media intern, you’ll also be working on new sales and marketing strategies for IMPACT Video Marketing — our 6 week course to empower small business owners and entrepreneurs to create a long term strategy that reaches their target market while saving them time.

– Online Education
– Film Production
– Photography
– Copywriting
– Social Media Management
– Public Speaking
– In Person Workshops
– Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Border Free Media is looking for a dynamic intern to begin immediately assisting with public relations, marketing, social media, working creatively with existing clients, and bringing on new clients including for travel and lifestyle campaigns. This internship is 20+ hours a week, unpaid with college credit with potential to earn commission on new clients.

The ideal candidate possesses the following:
– Believes in a life where you never stop learning
– Is a self starter who wants to bring their ideas to the table
– Enjoys research + development
– Has previously worked in some aspect of the hospitality industry
– Is interested in destination marketing, hotel and real estate
– Has a great grasp on social media knowledge: twitter, Instagram, snapchat, Pinterest, and Facebook
– Understands how to write captivating press releases that grab editors attention
– Has a great grasp on WordPress + Mail Chimp + Photoshop + InDesign + Lightroom
– Possesses excellent communication skills
– Has a sense of humor, witty and thinks on his/her feet
– Has an interest in photography, film, copywriting, and being generally creative
– Is a motivated self starter and thrives working remotely

As an intern at Border Free Media, you will learn and develop lifelong skills you can use in any industry. Upon commencement of your internship, there is potential to take on a position with Border Free Media (we’re really are looking for someone to grow with our brand you could be in it for the long haul).

DUTIES include but are not limited to:
– Maintain monthly content calendar for BFM + BFT + clients
– Social media management
– Editing, formatting and posting weekly newsletters at BFM + BFT and also creating + formatting client newsletters.
– Researching destinations, emerging travel trends, new technologies and more
– Copywriting including BFM + BFT articles and newsletters
– Formatting /editing WordPress website and writing articles
– SEO optimize articles, you tube videos and other posts and videos
– Brainstorming non-traditional ways to reach our audience
– Pitching destinations and brands to form creative partnerships
– Social Media management and growth strategy
– Sending press releases about new projects launched to gain interest and secure write-ups in larger magazines and hosted interviews on television networks
– Updating Media Kit + Pitch Deck
– Planning and executing events

*This is a virtual unpaid internship that can be done for college credit.

Email your cover letter and resume to along with a personal note about who you are, what you love about our brand, why you are the ideal person to join our team and one new idea you could bring to the table and execute while interning for for Border Free Media. Subject line of the email should be titled — I’m Your Next Intern!

Applications due by December 24th, 2020.

Please do not send a cookie cutter copy and pasted cover letter about yourself to us. Before submitting your resume and cover letter, make sure you have thoroughly familiarized yourself with both websites and our Instagram account.

Good luck!



“I loved my internship experience at Border Free Media! I found this experience to be super unique compared to internships I had completed in the past because it truly focused on education and it allowed me to be super hands-on. I was able to work side by side with Kristen, the founder of Border Free Media, and gain invaluable knowledge about what it means to be a business owner. From learning SEO and brand strategy to copywriting and editing, I truly learned the ins and outs of Border Free Media. I was able to make informed opinions and I felt as though my voice mattered to Kristen and her business.

In addition, Kristen understood that as a student, I have a busy schedule, and she really worked around my time constraints to make sure that I was able to get a full internship experience. This included daily zoom calls and constant communication via slack. Even though we were virtual, I felt like we were always working side by side!

Border Free Media is rapidly growing and I am so thankful I was able to see that first hand and have a part in it! This was truly an amazing experience and I learned so many skills that will aid me in future. I am so grateful for I was able to have this opportunity!” – Cameron Kopsky


“I came into this internship with no real life skills about marketing or the digital world. I stumbled upon an Instagram story from InternQueen and saw an opportunity for a virtual marketing internship. Having a full time job while attending school full time made it hard for me to find internships, so seeing a virtual one got me excited!

Kristen was kind, knowledgeable and confident from the start. I could tell she was driven and excited about all the things to come for BFM. After the first interview, I hoped she would bring me on board because though I had no idea what I was getting myself into, I knew it was going to be GOOD.

I learned so much from the start. I did a lot of writing for the website and email crafting for potential clients. My writing skills improved tremendously as I learned how to create posts with SEO and use creative yet professional language. 

As time went on, Kristen and I became more like friends. The internship was my vice. When I got home from work I always looked forward to our calls. Kristen created the “WorkingWELL” podcast and my work shifted mainly to writing descriptions and creating assets for it. Kristen showed me how to engage on social media and creative ways to scope out our ICA. Once I was comfortable with my tasks, Kristen brought on two more interns to increase productivity and accomplish more. The girls were super nice and caught on quick. We had a great team.

I am thankful to have been a part of this internship and would recommend it to any business guy/gal. Kristen is a fighter and BFM is her passion. She is a branding genius and digital creator guru. BFM is growing and has so much in store- now if this global pandemic could just come to a hard stop.” – Aubree Brown