After traveling the world and working with destination clients around the globe, our team understands the importance design plays in the places we spend time in, especially for work. The design of a space can completely transform your mood. We have taken inspiration from around the globe and want to show you how to do the same while infusing design into your home office.

When working from home some days can be difficult to find the motivation needed to get through the day. To make the most of your work days, our remote team has put together some home office design ideas that can help you stay on task, get creative and stay in a productive headspace while working from home. Here are a handful of design ideas for any budget.


Theme Your Office

Vintage typewriter, notebook glasses and paper on wooden table in home office design

One of the keys to a success in working from home is making sure that the things that surround you inspire you but without distracting you from your work. Try sticking to a style. Whether that be minimalism, eclectic or era focused, know your theme before picking out anything to add in. It’s also great to stick to one eye-catching piece. That could be a one of a kind piece of art, unique and colorful chair or giant plant. These personal touches in your focused area of design will make your home office truly transform into a happy and productive workplace.

Choose A Color That Speaks To You

The color of your workspace can greatly affect your mood. Different colors can emit distinct emotions. It’s important to know what frame of mind you’re looking for in your home office. Depending on the mood you want to create, pick a color or two or three for your new space. Paint is great or get even more creative mixing in wallpaper prints in the room to boost your work-mood.

Blues + Greens For Relaxation

Blues and greens create calm and relaxed feelings. If you constantly feel overwhelmed and stressed-out, it would be a good idea to implement these colors in your workspace as they can help reduce anxiety and clear your mind. These colors can also remind you of nature as the green reflects trees and blue, water.

Reds, Oranges + Yellows for Happiness

Reds, oranges and yellows are exciting and uplifting! They get the heart rate up and your mind going. If you’re in a position where you need to be energetic, these colors would be great for your home office. These colors can stimulate conversation as they are also significant for social settings. If you plan to have small conferences/meetings in your home office, these colors would be a good way to get conversation flowing.

Pinks + Purples for Kindness

Pinks emit calmness and kindness. This color can relieve feelings of anger and aggression and put your mind in a loving and relaxed state. Purples stimulate creativity and give off mysterious vibes. These colors are great for the creative.

Furniture That Fits Your Work

It’s obvious that every office needs furniture, but a traditional desk-and-chair setup may or may not be for you. Whether you’re a freelancer, creative or executive, find furniture that makes sense and is most comfortable to YOU. This is your space, so go off what type of space will make you work best.

Leather chair with orange wall and light coming through

A Comfortable Chair

If you are more traditional and like the desk-chair set up, invest in a stellar chair. Back problems come quickly and it can take a long time for your back to recover. Finding a comfortable, well formed chair can help you focus more on your work and less on your aching back. A cushioned leather chair that is adjustable in height with a bendable back is both functional and easy to keep clean.

Choosing A Desk

Keeping an organized desk means a happy and healthy home office. The biggest rule of thumb when picking an office desk is making sure it is the right height for you. There’s nothing worse than constantly hitting your knees on the bottom of your desktop or not being able to cross your legs. After choosing a great chair, make sure you measure and do a leg crossing test to get a desk that is the appropriate height.

A Minimalist Desk

If you’re going with a minimalistic style and don’t need a lot of storage, choose a desk with small drawers  which is ideal for minimizing clutter. Desks without drawers give the room a simple and clean look, which in turn can create a distraction free mind when on conference calls. If you need to save space, you can go ultra modern with a fold out wall desk.

A Spacious Desk for Storage

If you need a spacious desk to sprawl out and work, a desk with drawers is great. Interior desk organizers can keep your space feeling distraction free. Spacious desks are also great for displaying your favorite framed photos, big computers and plants. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes to give your home office a unique and fun design.

An Unconventional Desk

If you work better when your body is active, try getting a standing desk and standing or walking on a treadmill while working (yes, the make desks with treadmills attached). This type of workspace is best for those who aren’t at their desk for extended periods of time as this can make your body tired and legs sore.

If you like to spread out and sometimes lay across the floor when you work, invest in some floor pillows or a big bean bag to keep you comfortable. It’s also a good idea to snag a thick rug to keep the surface as soft as possible.

Accessories to Make Your Home Office Feel Like Home

Mexico City home office with green plant , green couch, vintage mirror and marble table


Plants can bring life to your home office and can help you feel connected to the earth when you’re inside all day. Succulents are great for spaces that have a lot of sunlight, so if your space is near a window, these plants will thrive. They need little water and are great if you lack a green thumb.

Snake plants are unique and great for spaces that don’t have much sunlight. These plants are larger in size and can be an anchoring staple to keep your home office feeling alive.

Wall Decor

If you’re a creative, a big white board is great for jotting down ideas or creating vision boards. Try adding fun magnets and colorful markers to make your workspace pop! We love floating shelves create a sleek look that lessens clutter on your desk. You can also use them to put old books for an antique style home office.

If you don’t like empty wall space, frame your favorite pictures in different styles and create a fun photo wall. You can reflect on good memories if you feel down or need to clear your mind for a second.

Whether you’re a creative, freelancer or executive, working from a comfortable and well-designed home office can help your business flourish. Find ways to make your home office perfect for you and your productivity. What’s your favorite desk accessory?